Tumblr's mobile apps finally get full-on customization tools

While Tumblr has had mobile apps for years, it hasn't been easy to truly cut the PC cord; you've had to retreat to your computer to fine-tune every aspect of your blog's look. You won't be held back any more, though. The social service has rolled out new Android and iOS apps that offer the same editing powers you have on the web. You can now change colors, images and anything else that was once desktop-only, and your color pick will even change the interface's look on others' devices.

Tumblr sees personalization as both a way to accommodate its increasingly mobile audience (now half of all users) as well as a way to one-up rival social networks. As the company explains to Mashable, many profiles elsewhere (ahem, Instagram) are locked in a "cookie cutter layout" -- the look doesn't change much from person to person. It's hard to say if this customization strategy will pay off, but you'll want to check out the new app if you're keen on standing out from the crowd.