Here's the Mac's first first-person shooter from the 80s

If you've ever spent a evening racking up headshots in Call of Duty or Marathon, you should probably pour one out in respect for MazeWars. Originally released in 1974 MazeWars is widely considered one of the original first-person shooters in history. Players moved a selected avatar through a maze looking for their opponent. When you found your opponent you'd shoot a missile at them until they died. Deus Ex this wasn't.

By the time the game hit the Apple Macintosh in 1987 the title had made a number of major improvements. Released as MazeWars+ the Mac version included fully 3d levels that, although crude by today's standards, are still incredibly impressive. Players could play with friends online over an AppleTalk network. For a period of time the title was included with the purchase of a brand new Macintosh. Enjoy a few minutes of game play below, it's a delightful reminder of how far Mac gaming has come.