The world's largest election is being led by a holographic politician


What do you do when you're running for prime minister of one of the most populous nations on Earth and need to reach over 800 million people? How can you possibly shake every hand and kiss every baby, occasionally appearing in several locations at once? One solution is dark magic. The (slightly) more realistic solution, recently employed by Indian candidate Narendra Modi, is to simply turn your speeches into holographic affairs.

Yes, like Tupac's 2012 performance at Coachella.

Modi's used a hologram of himself to reach a huge portion of India's voting public -- some 814.5 million people comprise India's eligible voting populous -- appearing over 800 times as such. The hologram is actually a projection controlled from above the stage (rather than the Star Wars-esque devices we expected). It's a novel concept that's assisted in Modi's rise to popularity in India; as John Oliver points out on Last Week Tonight, Modi's also promising working toilets to every household. Which is to say, "The country with the world's first hologram politician is also a country that lacks indoor plumbing on a wide-scale." We live in a weird world, y'all.