This book sharpens knives, seasons steaks and serves dinner

You could pen a grilling cookbook when promoting a line of kitchenware, or you could make one that actually offered the tools needed to prep a meal. Creative studio JWT Brazil did just that for client Tramontina, constructing Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco -- or for us English speakers, The Bible of Barbecue. During the culinary process, sheets are removed from the book to complete the requisite steps, each piece donning its own unique typographic treatment. There's a sheet of charcoal that's broken up for fuel, a fire starter page, sharpening stone, apron and more. The wood cover doubles at cutting board and a placemat, serving tray and kitchen towel to tidy up are all tucked to get the results to the table. Only a handful of these were released to "master barbecue chefs," but thankfully a simplified version is slated for future release. Our brief description doesn't really do it justice, so jump down after the break to witness the full deconstruction.