PBS gives parents a way to monitor what kids are watching on its site

The PBS KIDS website is a pretty great hub of entertainment for little ones. And even though there's nothing but useful learning content to be enjoyed there, PBS still wanted to make it easy for parents to monitor what their kids are doing on the site. Enter PBS KIDS Super Vision, an iOS application which promises to give you, the parent, a powerful tool that lets you do anything from keeping track of what the kids are watching in real-time, to limiting the amount of time they can spend on certain activities.

But this isn't just about having control over your children. PBS is also going to use Super Vision to recommend things you can be doing with your kids based on the type of stuff they access the most on Better yet, parents can keep track of all of this via the Activity Summary within the app, which breaks down the educational skills, games, shows and videos that your beloved children use every time they're logged in. The network says we should expect Super Vision to get even more helpful with time, since it plans to use your feedback to drive features for the app in the future.