Daily App: Cubits! mixes Tetris with Rubik's Cube in a new tile-sliding game


Cubits! is a smart tile-sliding puzzler from Rocket Mobile that mixes the spatial shape awareness of Tetris with the sliding row strategy or Rubik's cube. The developer pulls it off nicely to create a challenging puzzler that offers more opportunity for creative thinking than most of its rivals.

Cubits! is a tile-slider at its heart. The game opens with a grid of colored tiles, called "Cubits," that you can slide in rows or columns. The goal is to slide the tiles and align three cubits of the same color together in a row or a column. You earn points and clear the tiles off the board whenever you make a successful match. As you remove tiles, new ones appear to fill the board.

The game ships with three different modes to match your mood:

  • TIME - A Race-The-Clock mode for adrenaline junkies

  • MOVES - The default mode that emphasizes strategy and making every move count

  • ZEN - Unwind and enjoy the open-ended gameplay that allows you to match tiles without a discrete goal at the end.

The app includes rewards such as Power-Ups to boost your score when you match four or five Cubits together and the bonus removal of all Cubits of one color when make six matches in a row. You also earn points called "bits," which can be used to buy extras within the game such as extra moves, a cubit blast that blasts the area around a cubit and more. Bits are also available via in-app purchases.


Cubits! offers a fun array of colors, catchy music and simple yet addicting gameplay that challenges you to think. The UI has a fresh, modern feel that makes the experience that much better.

Cubits! is available for US$0.99 from the iOS App Store. There are no ads, but the game does include in-app purchases that are optional for gameplay. You only need to buy them if you want to speed up your progress. It is available for both the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7.