Everything is black and white with VisionEck on PS4

Developer VizionEck announced its black-and-white game for PS4 today, which is also called VizionEck. If that's not confusing enough, it also offered a minimalistic trailer with shifting dichromatic shapes, barely sussing out just what the eck the game is.

Lead developer and founder of Michael Armbrust described the gist of VizionEck on the PlayStation Blog, revealing that the game is technically a first-person shooter (Right? We totally thought so too!). Though Armbrust insists the mysterious trailer contains lots of "secrets and game features" hidden in its frames, he says players control a cube known as a Ranger, whose health is indicated by the brightness of its outlines. The multiplayer-focused game seemingly pits players against one another as they can blend in with other cubes, or the black backgrounds as their health is depleted and their cubes go dark, working to take others out.

Armbrust noted in the blog's comments that the game does contain single-player modes and that the developer is looking into using Project Morpheus for VizionEck. He also confirmed via the game's Twitter that VizionEck is "exclusive to PlayStation."

[Image: VizionEck]