Uber's offering private jets for the rich kids of Cannes

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Uber's offering private jets for the rich kids of Cannes

It's already the hate-figure for taxi drivers, but now Uber wants to alienate the rest of the 99 percent. The smartphone-based cab service is launching UberJET, a private airline service that'll operate during the forthcoming Cannes Film Festival. Between May 12th and May 18th, users can book an Uber Black car to take them to Paris' Bourget airport, where a jet, operated by Goodwill Airlines, will fly you to Nice, and then a second car will drive you down the road to Cannes. The price for the service is €6,490 ($8,930), and you're able to split that between three other passengers during the journey. Assuming, that is, that you haven't just decided to get the train -- it may be five hours long, but it'll only set you back $200.

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