Why a cheap counterfeit iPad charger isn't worth the price

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With no shortage of counterfeit iOS accessories on the market, Ken Shirriff recently decided to take a look at a counterfeit iPad charger and compare it to the real deal. While a counterfeit version of anything will undoubtedly save you a few bucks, the tradeoffs aren't always worth the trouble.

With respect to iPad chargers specifically, Shirriff found that the tradeoff is safety. Upon tearing open an official iPad charger and a counterfeit charger, Shirriff discovered that the former houses much more insulation.

Safety probably isn't something you think about when you plug in your charger, but it's important. Inside the charger is 170 volts or more with very little separating it from your iPad and you. If something goes wrong, the charger can burn up (below), injure you, or even kill you. Devices such as chargers have strict safety standards[14] - if you get a charger from a reputable manufacturer. If you buy a cheap counterfeit charger, these safety standards are ignored. You can't see the safety risks from the outside, but by taking the chargers apart, I can show you the dangers of the counterfeit.

On top of that, counterfeit chargers typically house lower quality components and have less than stellar build quality.

Make sure to head on over to the full post for a full and in-depth explanation covering all of shortcomings that come with getting a counterfeit iPad charger.

And again, keep in mind that using fake chargers can sometimes have deadly repercussions.