Daily App: Piano Tiles adds music to popular Don't Step the White Tile game

Piano Tiles

Don't Step the White Tile is a reaction game that challenges you to tap all the moving black tiles, while avoiding the white ones. It rocketed to the top of the App Store charts when it debuted earlier this year. The app's success has spurred a handful of clever clones that build upon the basic premise of the game, with my favorite being Piano Tiles.

Piano Tiles keeps the basic gameplay of Don't Step the White Tile, while adding a music component to the game. The game requires you to tap only the black tiles and not the white tiles that are scrolling down the screen. Each black tile plays the note of the song in a manner that is reminiscent of Magic Piano. The more black tiles you tap, the more music you play and the higher your ending score will be.

The game offers 5 different modes of play including the following:

  • Classic mode: tap 50 black tiles in as little time as possible.

  • Arcade mode: Tap as many dark tiles as you can and do not miss one.

  • Zen mode: You have 30 seconds to tap as many black tiles as you can.

  • Rush mode: Another Arcade mode that requires you to tap as many dark tiles as you can.

  • Relay mode: Complete 50 tiles in 10 seconds to earn another 10 seconds of frantic tile tapping.

Similar to Flappy Bird, Piano Tiles is an arcade-style game that is easy to play and difficult to complete. You won't be able to put it down after you pick you it up, so you have your fair warning now. The only criticism I have is that the song tracks are too limited, with only a few songs to play, you will get tired of playing them over and again.

Piano Tiles is available for free from the iOS App Store. It includes ads at the bottom that do not interfere with the gameplay.