Google Search for iOS gets smarter with conversational voice search

Google's just updated its search app on iOS, and in doing so it's made the voice search feature much more useful. With Google Search version 4.0, using voice becomes conversational -- you can ask follow-up questions in addition to simple queries like, "What's the weather?" Once you know it will be sunny with a high of 95 tomorrow, you can ask Google "How about this weekend?" and get more info. As Google's voice assistant competes with Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana, more sophisticated, context-specific features like this are definitely important.

Better voice search is only part of the equation, though; the app update also brings more advanced Google Now integration, which means you'll see articles from your favorite news sources, among other things. You'll also get information related to your upcoming trip itineraries, such as a list of the best beaches in San Diego based on a recently emailed boarding pass. Oh, and the app update offers one special Easter egg for cricket fans: you'll now see cards for the sport in Google Now. Download the latest version of Google Search via the source link below.