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Meet Pantheon's god-killer, the WarWizard


Pantheon's move to continue development via a team of all volunteers is producing results, albeit small ones. "We are having great success re-building the team, including the lore and moderator teams," Brad McQuaid posted. "One of my main next goals is to find a Unity programmer who can take over from where the project itself was left."

The team posted a new piece of concept art and lore yesterday covering powerful figures known as WarWizards. WarWizards were created by external forces to help battle the god-kings of Terminus. A few talented individuals were chosen to be elevated with the ability to master both magic and weapons. In the Deicide Wars, WarWizards smacked down many god-kings and cemented their legacy in the process.

WarWizards have retreated into myth and legend, although the post certainly hints that they might return if Terminus faces another great threat.