The Boyfriend Log merges data obsession with your love life

​If we can log our exercise and eating data to get recommendations on how to improve our health, who's to say we can't apply the same concept to our love life? After all, with every day comes 1,440 minutes in which your relationship will live, breath and -- gasp -- change. Sometimes those fluctuations can be a lot to digest, and an app called The Boyfriend Log is here to help. Currently available on iOS, it does exactly what you'd think: monitor satisfaction with your S.O. on a day-to-day basis, showing you mood patterns to help you decide whether or not you've found "the one."

With The Boyfriend Log, you answer the question "How was your relationship today?" with one of several color-coded responses, including romantic, flat, sad, happy and angry. A calendar view lets you see which moods are the most predominant; a lot of blue days might mean you have some reevaluating to do. If you're dating multiple people at once, comparing your calendars for each suitor could provide some additional clarity. According to the app's website, you might even use the data as a jumping-off point for a "loving, truthful discussion about what's really going on."

Hey, if it helps you to keep a diary of your relationship's ups and downs, more power to you. And, interestingly, one of the App Store reviewers notes that she's used it to rate her success at work each day. (Talk about dating yourself!) That said, not every boyfriend (or girlfriend) would be thrilled to learn they're being treated like the subject of a study. And while the app is protected by a PIN of your choosing, if your partner does crack the code, you could no longer have a relationship to analyze.