The Daily Grind: What MMO issue do we fuss about too much?


Part of the fun and joy of being involved in a communal hobby is getting into passionate "discussions" with others about various aspects of your mutual interest. This is the same in gaming as it is elsewhere and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yet sometimes I wonder if we get perhaps a tad bit too worked up over things that, honestly, do not matter -- even within MMO gaming.

So what MMO issue do we fuss about too much? Are we too uptight over the whole "raiders vs. casuals" issue? Does throwing a tempter tantrum over a lack of a guild vault make us come off as spoiled children? Do we fixate on the many horrible failings of Elf culture?* Does there come a point when you just roll your eyes at another rehashed rant spouted by people who just won't let the little things go? Are we merely addicted to the drama that comes with these debates?

*The answer is no. We can never badmouth Elves enough for the horrors that they have inflicted on the fantasy genre.

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