CARROT fit 2.0 wants to you exercise, meat bag


OK, flabby human. It's time to get fit.

Last February we reviewed CARROT fit, the judgmental fitness app from CARROT. As we said last time, its methodologies aren't for everyone. The app uses humor and motivational ribbing to get you moving. I think it's funny, especially when my electronic fitness overlord tells me to kowtow before Cthulhu (do a push-up) or asks, "Who else is going to eat all that food?"

CARROT fit version 2.0 adds the 7 Minutes In Hell workout. There are 12 exercise to start with, and you can purchase an additional dozen via the Exercise Booster Pack for US$1.99. When you begin a workout, the app's "ocular sensor" monitors your progress and guides you from exercise to exercise. Soon you'll be kowtowing to Cthulhu (push-ups), marking your territory (squats) and escaping an elite squadron of killer ostriches (running in place). All the while CARROT fit provides one-liners and other...motivation.

As you progress you unlock more goodies like a weight tracker, a calendar so you can keep track of your workouts and even extra rest time (yay!). You'll need it, meat bag. There are 17 locked rewards in all.

There's a new profile, too, which can keep you motivated and on track.

Like I said, this app might bother some folks. I think it's fun and definitely motivating. The workout isn't easy and I'm only using the introductory exercises. Best of all, you only need a wall, a chair and "...a bucket in case you throw up" to get in a good workout.

Version 2.0 offers a lot of great changes. Now go and make a great change in your body! Or CARROT fit will get angry. And you won't like her when she's angry.