Origins of Malu will offer F2P with limited lives and permadeath

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|05.15.14

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Origins of Malu will offer F2P with limited lives and permadeath
Origins of Malu
Origins of Malu has a few interesting ideas regarding its business model that Burning Dog laid out today in a post. The studio prefaced the plan by assuring fans that the title will have "no pay-to-win, no matter what."

The game will offer a hybrid business model, with both subscription and free-to-play options. Sub fees will be "low" and come with bonuses and store currency. If you opt for the free-to-play angle, you'll only have a certain number of lives per day. Spend all of your lives, and you'll either need to stop playing for the day, buy more, or play with the risk of facing permadeath. Free-to-play won't be restricted otherwise, but may contain ads on the loading screen.

Burning Dog said that some of the items that it will sell in its cash shop are housing items, vanity gear, lives, and pets.
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