Triple Town leaving Facebook, Steam keys offered for PC, Mac

Triple Town will move on from Facebook on June 16, developer Spry Fox announced yesterday.

"This was not an easy decision for anyone, but Triple Town's Facebook edition has not been financially successful for many years, and our ongoing efforts to support and maintain it are detracting from our efforts to make new games for you," the statement reads. "We hope you will take comfort in the fact that the iOS and Android versions of Triple Town will remain available and free to all of you."

There's a silver lining to the news for fans - so long as they log in before Jun 16, players that have spent any amount of money on Triple Town's Facebook version will be able to claim a Steam key for PC or Mac, which Spry Fox says is "nearly identical" to the Facebook version. Considering the Steam version sells for $10 and that even a 99-cent purchase makes a Facebook user eligible for a key, that's a pretty decent move on Spry Fox's part.

[Image: Spry Fox]