Steam saw more games in first half of 2014 than all of 2013

Not even halfway through 2014, Valve has already seen more games released on its Steam service than in all of 2013. Gamasutra reports that if the trend continues, we'll see more than 2,000 games released on Steam in 2014, compared to just more than 600 in 2013. While that sounds great for gamers, more isn't necessarily better.

Just because a game makes it through Steam's Greenlight or Early Access programs does not make it a trustworthy, worthwhile purchase, as was demonstrated when Earth: 2066 was pulled from Steam for dishonest advertising.

Tom Ohle, director at Evolve PR, and founder of indie publisher Nkidu Games, told Gamasutra that Steam was "approaching iOS App Store-like saturation," making it harder for some games and publishers to break out and catch a Steam user's eye. The gates may be more open than ever, but that also means more people are going to try and squeeze their way through.

[Image: Gamasutra]