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Surface Pro 3's accessories include a new Type Cover and a 4K-ready dock

A professional tablet like the Surface Pro 3 deserves some equally high-end accessories, don't you think? Microsoft certainly thinks so, as it just introduced some add-ons built with demanding users in mind. To start, it has a new $130 Type Cover keyboard add-on with a much-improved trackpad -- the new design has a 68 percent larger area than the Type Cover 2, and 78 percent less friction. It's better for lap use, too; you can lock in the cover so that it won't wobble around so much while you're typing on your legs.

The company has also unveiled a $200 docking station for those who want to use the new Surface as a makeshift desktop. Besides adding a bevy of extra connections (three USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, Ethernet and audio) to the tablet, the dock also lets you output video at 4K through its Mini DisplayPort. If you need an extra-sharp secondary display for Photoshop, you've got it. Both the station and the new Type Cover should be available when the Pro 3 launches in North America on June 20th, and there are promises of extra peripherals in the future.