First right-hand drive Tesla Model S and Superchargers coming to the UK in June

It's safe to say electric cars haven't yet captured the attention of UK drivers. Then again, Brits haven't officially been able to get their hands on a right-hand drive Tesla, despite the company opening a London showroom last year. That will all change when Elon Musk and co. bring the first Tesla Model S Performance Plus to the UK on June 7th. The £70,000 luxury car will come with all of the bells and whistles that drivers in North America and China have become accustomed to, including access to Tesla's renowned Supercharger network. It will place free supercharging stations on the UK's busiest routes, stretching from Dover and Bristol up to the M25 and heading north along the length of the M1, providing 130 miles' worth of juice in just 20 minutes. That's likely to appeal to those looking for improved range over the current crop of electric cars, especially if it means they can drive the length of the country with just a single break. With only 1,500 electric cars registered in the first quarter of 2014, the government hopes the luxury sedan will lead an electric car charge -- it appointed Elon Musk as an "electric car tsar" after all.