Xbox One June update adds external storage support, real names, auto sign-in

Credit: Microsoft

The Xbox One's June update is headlined by external storage support, allowing users to connect up to two 256GB or larger USB 3.0 external drives to the system. The upcoming update also adds automatic sign-ins upon booting the system and the option to display your real name to select friends. Across the borders, Canada and Europe can look forward to finally receiving access to OneGuide and its live TV features.

On external storage support, Microsoft says Xbox One owners can choose which of their drives, including the internal 500GB drive, is the default location for new game installs and so on. Microsoft also notes players can install games to an external drive, plug that drive to another Xbox One, and sign in or insert a disc to start playing there.

As for displaying your real name to friends, this differs slightly to the implementation on PS4. On Xbox One you can select which - none, some, or all - of your friends can see your real name. You can extend that to include friends of those friends, but followers who aren't your friends will only be able to see your gamertag.

The June update brings tweaks to SmartGlass too, including Twitch notifications for friends' broadcasts, pin-reordering, and fixing the activity feed to the home screen. With OneGuide coming to the app as well as to Xbox One owners in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, SmartGlass is also getting a virtual universal remote that you can use to control your TV. Presumably that's with those daily hunts for slippery real-life remotes in mind.

Microsoft previously earmarked the system update for early June and presumably around the launch of the Kinect-less Xbox One on June 9. Microsoft also revealed the update will switch streaming apps like Netflix to not requiring Xbox Gold, and it'll introduce a hub for the newly launched Games with Gold and Deals with Gold on Xbox One.

[Image: Microsoft]