'Minecraft' arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this August

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'Minecraft' arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this August

Look, playing Minecraft on a console is really great. It's basically the same delightful/terrifying experience from PC, albeit in the comfort of your living room. What's not to like? Well, on last-gen consoles, there was at least one unfortunate side effect of the platform: the procedurally generated world of Minecraft was significantly smaller than what could be done on PC. With Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions arriving this August, that changes. As development studio Mojang puts it, "It brings significantly bigger worlds and a greater draw distance than Xbox 360 Edition." Hot dog!

Of course, should the more bite-sized world of last-gen Minecraft suffice (and believe us, it's plenty big), the PlayStation Vita version also arrives this August. Here's even better news: if you already bought the game on PlayStation 3, you own it on Vita. A similar deal applies to folks converting from PS3/Xbox 360 versions to PS4/XB1 versions: if you already own the prior version and you want to upgrade to current-gen, it's just $5. The latter deal only applies for the first year of availability, so you'll wanna upgrade soon-ish to snag it on the cheap.

To sweeten the deal even further, saved games from last-gen/Vita will scale up to current-gen consoles (though it's not possible to go back -- beware!). All the updates to last-gen versions will come packed in to this August's version, and the whole package goes for $20. Oh, and the creepers are still super, super creepy.

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'Minecraft' arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this August