Engadget Daily: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review, hacking Watch Dogs and more!

We put Microsoft's new Surface tablet through the review ringer, took a look at vaporizer technology, found out just how realistic hacking in a video game can be, and discovered that Sony's new console's raking in the cash. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

Surface Pro 3 review: Has Microsoft finally made a tablet to replace your laptop?

Microsoft surprised us with by announcing the Surface Pro 3. We got to spend some quality time with the device and shared impressions in our review. Can this laptop / tablet hybrid take on the latest and greatest tablets and computers from Apple, Lenovo and others?

The real-life hacking behind Watch Dogs' virtual world

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is finally going to be released next week. How realistic is its portrayal of the world of hacking and cyber-espionage? To make it as real as possible (while keeping gameplay fun), the publisher consulted with digital security firm Kaspersky Labs.

What you need to know about vaporizers

Smoking's a tough habit to break, but there's a number of products available to help cope with nicotine addiction. One way that's grown exceedingly popular in recent years is vaping. Our own Sean Cooper takes a closer look at the world of vaporizers and the questions surrounding the technology.

Sony's PlayStation 4 is already profitable and on course to beat the PS2's success

The PlayStation 4 is already turning a profit and the current rate of sales means that it's on track to best even the PlayStation 2. That's huge news for a company that has been having some financial struggles as of late.

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