Patch, entirely new build in the works for Basement Crawl

Our stay with the launch build of Basement Crawl was brief - attempts to join online games were mostly futile, but successful connections just led to laggy rounds or matches that refused to read controller input entirely. Developer Bloober Team is aware of Basement Crawl's damaged reputation, but Marc Colhoun assured GameSpot in a recent interview that the team is working to improve the situation.

Though a patch is planned for the existing build, Colhoun explained that the new version is being built "completely from scratch" and "on a new engine." Colhoun added that Bloober views it as an opportunity to "regain the trust of gamers," an intention aided by plans to distribute the build for free to anyone that bought the original version. Colhoun mentioned plans to address technical issues, the absence of a tutorial, sparse game types and general AI in the new version.

It sounds like a nice gesture, but it's hard to be anything but skeptical until the patch and rebuilt version are available, considering the game's current state. Still, the situation reminds us of Hydrophobia, a XBLA title that was updated with a massive patch after a lukewarm reception from critics and fans. Let's just hope that the Basement Crawl rebuild goes better for Bloober than it did for Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital.

[Image: Bloober Team]