PlayStation 4 to get pre-loading of all pre-order games starting with Destiny

Tired of making sandwich after sandwich, idly waiting while the ol' PlayStation 4 downloads Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes? Though we'd never encourage you to stop making delicious sandwiches, we do sympathize with the situation. Thankfully for you, Sony's adding pre-loading of all pre-ordered upcoming games to the PlayStation 4 starting this fall with Bungie's next big game: Destiny. That means you can download the whole shebang ahead of the game's "official" launch on September 9th, and when midnight strikes, you're ready to go. Bizarrely, the news comes via PlayStation Network message from Ubisoft; as seen above, Watch Dogs (which launches this Tuesday) won't have pre-loading. Sorry Charlie! Come September, however, you're good to go.