Facebook will no longer share all of your activity by default

Facebook revoked Instagram's auto-posting credentials recently, and it looks like the social network is going a lot further than it's own properties. After noticing that links and other activity shared by knowingly tapping the blue "F" button garner more interest, Zuckerberg & Co. are scaling back the amount of automatically-posted content that shows up in the News Feed. Facebook will give preference to those items in its regularly updated rundown, which means less stuff from third-party apps will pop up in the days to come. However, as The Verge reports, those auto-posts will still populate areas of your profile dedicated to them -- such as track-by-track Spotify activity and the like -- and will still be used for targeted ads. The move follows last month's announcement that the folks in Menlo Park were cracking down on spam in its News Feed, but we'd surmise sponsored posts are staying put.