'Lomo Instant' takes your standard Polaroid to the next level

Back in the good old days, you could take a photo of Fido with your Polaroid, and after a few shakes be ready to tape it to your dorm room wall. Now Lomo is looking to bring that same old-school experience into the next decade with the Instant – a self-developing film camera with a vintage feel. It has support for several different lenses, color filters and can even create images with multiple exposures of your furry friend. The company already has a pretty sizable line of toy and DIY cameras that push the envelope (like this one made out of a paint can). The Instant follows in that tradition, building off an old favorite, the Fuji Instax. The camera uses its easy-to-find credit card-sized film, but has five aperture settings, including f/8, the largest available on any instant camera. It also has three different shooting modes for tons of flexibility.

You get a wide-angle lens in the box for the ultimate selfies, and the camera supports optional Fisheye and Portrait lenses as well. Unfortunately, buying it is a little less "instant" for now. Lomo has a working prototype of the camera, but the finished product isn't a reality yet. The company posted a Kickstarter today looking for $100,000 for a production run, a goal it's already blown past with 30 days still left to go. Photo enthusiasts will still have to wait until November to score one of the first Instants off the assembly line. The camera is just $70 for those who invest now, or will be priced at $120 when it hits Lomo's virtual store shelves next year.