Daily App: Alarmed is a standout reminders and alarm clock app


Alarmed is a standout reminders app that is focused on helping you get things done. Rather than a task manager with an alarm thrown in, Alarmed is an alarm clock app that is tailor-made for your to-do list.

The standout feature offered by Alarmed is the variety of alarm sounds that ship with the app. I can set a different alarm for each entry, allowing me to discern the task at hand merely by the sound of the alert. These sounds are provided by the app and are unique from those available in iOS 7.

Alarmed also has a "Relentless Nag-Me" feature that'll keep repeating a reminder until you mark it as completed. You can set the app to nag you about your task once every minute or once every hour. This nag-me feature is very handy for critical tasks that occur during busy times of your day -- it incessant reminder ensures you will complete the item even when you are juggling ten other things.


Similar to the iOS Reminders app, Alarmed offers location-based alerts that will alert you to go to the Post Office when you drive by it in the morning. Besides its alarm features, Alarmed also includes a timer and settings that allow you to customize the snooze options, set the timer interval and more. It's a great app for iPhone and iPad owners who need an "in-betweener" task manager or alarm app -- it offers more than the iOS Reminders or Clock app, but isn't as complex as a Things or OminFocus.

Alarmed is available for free from the iOS App Store. It does not include ads, but has a US$1.99 in-purchase for Extras that provide support for iCloud syncing, repeating daily reminders and the ability to import reminders automatically from the iOS Reminders app.