Microsoft slashes Surface Pro 2 prices by up to £150

Microsoft might be gearing up for the launch of its bigger, better Surface 3 tablet, but it still hopes to shift some older slates in the interim, with help from an enticing discount. In the biggest price cut we can remember since Surface RT received similar treatment, all configurations of Surface Pro 2 are now available through Microsoft's UK store for £140 or £150 off their normal cost. This means you can grab the base 64GB model for £569 (down from £719), up to the top-of-the-line 512GB unit for £1289 (reduced from £1439). Alright, so they're still not the most wallet-friendly tablets around, but if you want full-fat Windows 8.1 on a 10.6-inch slate, then at least these ones are cheaper than they were last week.