Review: Maskify for iOS is a nice photo app for adding frames and text

Maskify (US$0.99) is a capable app for adding text, frames and masks to your photos. The app features 18 fonts in 20 colors, 18 frames in 20 colors, and elements for creating masks on your photos.

When you're done working you can save your creation to the camera roll, or share it via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I gave the app a try and found it easy to use and it gave me very nice results. There are plenty of apps that include frame and fonts, but I thought the options presented by Maskify were unusually creative and attractive.

Instructions really aren't needed. You just select what you want to do, and apply the text or effects. The size and position of effects can be changed with finger swipes and pinches.

One place where I thought there could be a slight improvement was going back to change an effect you applied. Rather than a back arrow, you click on a checkmark with nothing selected. That could be a bit more intuitive.

With all the hundreds of photo apps out there I thought Maskify stands out for the elegance of its fonts and masks. At under a dollar it's not a big purchase, and happily there are no in-app purchases.

Maskify is not universal, and it requires iOS 7.0 or later. It's optimized for the iPhone 5.