Virgin Media's 'quad-play' phone, TV and net bundles now available to all

Virgin Media launched the UK's first 'quad-play' packages earlier this month, which wrap all of its mobile, landline, broadband and TV services up into neat, pay-monthly bundles. These were only available for existing customers to upgrade to initially, but right on schedule, new customers can now get in on the action, too. Furthermore, there are two additional "Big Bundles," as they're called, that complement the £35 per month Big Bang and £50 per month Big Kahuna packages (excluding line rental) Virgin announced previously. The new entry-level Big Easy bundle starts at £25 per month, and for those that need the absolute fastest, biggest and best of everything, the Big Daddy package can be had for £100 per month (again, both prices exclude line rental). You can also create your own custom bundle by bolting "Big Extras" onto the standard ones, if getting everything from the same provider and on one bill is just that little bit too simple for your taste.