Zombie Highway just won't die

zombie highway

Zombies are everywhere on the App Store, and it can be pretty easy to roll your eyes at a new game featuring the shuffling undead. Zombie Highway debuted way back in 2010, making it one of the earlier games to pit you against brain-chomping corpses, and the fact that it remains on the App Store's top selling chart to this day is a testament to its quality -- not to mention a sign that developer Auxbrain has been relentless with updating and further expanding the game to keep players interested.

I remember playing a good bit of Zombie Highway back when it originally launched, but I largely forgot about it in the years since. After seeing the game once again climbing the sales charts, I decided to relive my past zombie-crushing glory and re-downloaded it.

The game is definitely a lot different than it was back then, at least in terms of the amount of content included, but the core gameplay is the same: You're on the run through zombie-infested lands and must make it as far as you possibly can in your vehicle before you meet your untimely end. Zombies launch themselves at your vehicle and you need to either scrape them off using obstacles on the road or shoot them off with a variety of high-powered weaponry.

The zombies come in all shapes and sizes, and while the small, frail ones will fall off with a bump against an object, the fat and strong undead take a great deal more coercing. Handguns quickly become useless against the beefier enemies and even shotguns can prove to be a bit underpowered. Unlocking larger, more capable weapons by progressing as far as possible is the key to getting a high total score, so there's always a reason to replay a level one more time -- or maybe 100 more times.

Like I said before, the game has a great deal of content, and as of right now there are four vehicles, over a dozen weapons, and eight different tracks on which to test your slaying skills. There is also (unfortunately) the ability to purchase shortcuts using real-world cash via microtransactions, but in reality this totally kills the entire point of the game. If you're not playing the game to make progress, then why play it at all?

Zombie Highway is US$0.99 on the App Store, which is a great price for a game with so much to do. It's still one of the best time-sinks available, and if you haven't grown tired of the App Store zombie horde by this point, it's definitely worth a look.