Daily App: Two Dots will have you thinking about connecting dots all day long

Two Dots

Two Dots, the sequel to last year's popular Dots game, has climbed to the top of the iOS App Store charts -- and for good reason. Two Dots takes the basic gameplay of the original Dots game (connect as many vertical or horizontal dots of the same color in a grid as you can) and builds upon it with a new level-based architecture that makes the game more challenging as you progress.

Two Dots opens with a tutorial the first time you play it, challenging you to figure out the basic premise of the game (hint: connect the dots) before the help sequence will teach you the basic gameplay. The game follows with additional tutorials, introducing you to new techniques you will need to complete the levels as you progress.

Two Dots

Two Dots drops the timed mode of the original Dots game that required you to earn as many points as possible in a short amount of time and replaced it with a moves-based strategy. In Two Dots, you are limited by the number of moves available in each level, requiring you to think about the dots you select in order to meet your color goals. Each level has different goals, such as clearing 15 yellow, 15 green, 15 red and 15 blue dots in 20 moves.

Two Dots

Once you meet the objective, the level is completed, and you are given both a score and a star rating based on your performance. If you fail to meet the goal, you are offered the option to buy additional moves or risk losing one of your five lives. Additional lives can be earned as you progress through the levels or purchased via an in-app purchase. You will get kicked back to the start if you lose all your lives. so keep an eye on the counter.

I enjoyed the first version of Dots and the second version, Two Dots, is a great followup. The app has a catchy soundtrack, adorable graphics and thoughtful gameplay. Two Dots is available for free from the iOS App Store. There are no ads, but the game does include in-app purchases that allow you to buy power-ups and additional lives.