Playdate: We're livestreaming Mario Kart 8 for Wii U! (update: game over!)

Welcome, ladygeeks and gentlenerds, to the new era of gaming. The one where you get to watch, and comment, as other people livestream gameplay from next-gen consoles. Because games! They're fun!

Mario Kart 8 isn't actually the eighth Mario Kart game. Disappointing as that may be, the game itself is a blast. Heck, we'd go as far as to say it's a good reason to buy a Wii U. The game launches today in North America and Europe, so we figure it's a good time to give people a thorough look at the Wii U's next big game. Join myself and everyone's favorite goomba, Tim Seppala, right here at 3PM ET (well, after the break), as we throw red shells, drop banana peels, and smear ink in each other's eyes -- all virtually of course. Oh, and the profanity and shouting definitely we're bound to do isn't serious. OR IS IT?

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