Rdio's Android app finally lets you listen to live albums correctly

Imagine this, if you will. You're sitting in a recliner listening to Electric Light Orchestra's Time, and just as Prologue gives way to Twilight -- nothing -- and then music. Those odious little pauses are hell when you're really trying to let certain live or gapless albums wash over you, and now Rdio is addressing the problem for listeners on the go. In one of the rare instances of an Android app getting a feature ahead of its iOS cousin, the streaming service has brought gapless playback to Google's faithful first (if you're running Android 4.1 or later, anyway) Alas, there's still no word on when iOS users will get the gapless treatment other than "soon." In fairness, Rdio is a little behind the curve here anyway -- rival Spotify has had uninterrupted playback for what seems like ages now -- but we're always pleased when a music service lets us listen to Pink Floyd's oeuvre the way it was meant to be heard.