Oppo's N1 Mini makes iPhones look tiny

The N1 isn't exactly a household name, so allow us to refresh your memory: it's a CyanogenMod phone with a selfie-friendly swivel camera made by Chinese manufacturer Oppo. Well, its creator just announced a mini version of the device -- except it's not exactly something you'd call small. Oppo shaved just 0.9 inches off the full-sized N1, so the ironically named N1 Mini is still quite a large 5-inch phone -- larger than other "mini" follow-up devices like the 4.3-inch Galaxy S4 Mini. While the new device is slightly lighter (150g) than its older sibling (213g), it packs the same 13-megapixel swivel camera, but enhanced with an "Ultra-HD" mode that can produce 24-megapixel shots -- which is similar to the Find 7's 50-megapixel mode.

The N1 Mini also aces its larger sibling out with the added LTE support, which is unfortunately coupled with a smaller battery (2,140mAh vs. the larger one's 3,610mAh). As you'd except, the Oppo N1 Mini's shipping in China first on June 11th loaded with the company's Color OS Android ROM. Whether it'll follow in its predecessor's footsteps and heading stateside, we still don't know, but we'll keep you posted.