Samsung lets you make apps for Tizen-based TVs that don't exist yet

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Jon Fingas
June 2, 2014 3:46 AM
Samsung lets you make apps for Tizen-based TVs that don't exist yet
Samsung U8550 TV

The open source Tizen platform may only just be making its way on to wristwear, but Samsung has much bigger plans... in a very literal sense. The company is releasing a developer kit that will let you create apps for Tizen-based smart TVs, including software that supports hand gestures, mobile device pairing and voice commands. And unlike some TV development tools, you won't need a real set to try things out; you can replicate many core features from the comfort of your PC.

The kit should be available from Samsung's Developer Forum in early July if you're eager to start tinkering, or just want to try the resulting apps. However, you'll be waiting considerably longer for the hardware -- to date, Samsung hasn't said when it will release TVs running Tizen. While the software is a sign that these sets are getting close, the kit is mostly useful for aspiring coders who want a head start.
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