ASUS shows off a 14-inch USB touchscreen monitor

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|06.04.14

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ASUS shows off a 14-inch USB touchscreen monitor

ASUS is demoing quite a few alleged "world firsts" at its Computex booth. In addition to a 32-inch curved LED monitor, there's a 14-inch USB touch monitor on hand here in Taipei. We're used to seeing USB monitors here -- ASUS had one at this same venue last year, actually -- but the addition of touch is definitely the standout feature this time around.

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For anyone looking to get some work done, the ability to navigate an external display with 10 fingers is definitely appealing. The demo at ASUS' booth showed the monitor connected to an ASUS VivoTab, but imagine using the monitor connected to your Surface Pro 3 (or any other device with USB 3.0, really) to focus on a project in Photoshop. In my brief time with the monitor, 10-finger touch works well, and the modest 1,366 x 768 resolution didn't detract from the product's usefulness. It's currently a prototype, so there's no price or availability info to share for now.

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