Intel's 'Devil's Canyon' chip will break the 4GHz barrier for $339

Intel Devil's Canyon Haswell desktop CPU

Sure, we've seen 4GHz base clock speeds before, but never in an Intel chip. Such a part is just weeks away, however, in the form of the refreshed Haswell Core i7-4790K, codenamed "Devil's Canyon." The new chip shifts from 4GHz up to 4.4GHz in turbo mode, with the only downside being a slight increase in wattage from 84W to 88W -- a change that might be partly mitigated by Intel's use of a better thermal interface material underneath the lid of the CPU. The $339 price tag is identical to what you'd pay for the existing Core i7-4770K on Newegg (base clock: 3.5GHz), so it's definitely worth holding onto your cash until the end of the month. There's also a Core i5-4690K to look out for, priced at $242, which notches base and turbo speeds up by 100MHz compared to the current product -- not a huge gain, but enough to send a message that Intel isn't entirely preoccupied with Broadwell and ultra-portables. Meanwhile, here's some useful coverage of the latest overclock-friendly Z97 motherboards, just in case you're looking to accessorize.