PS4 launch a 'great redemption' to Tretton

Former Sony Computer Entertainment America President - and upcoming co-host of Spike's E3 coverage - Jack Tretton told GamesIndustry International that part of the reason for his departure from Sony earlier this year was that he wanted to "go out on top."

Calling the PlayStation 4 a "great redemption" from the financial woes that plagued the PlayStation 3, Tretton said he was ready to break out of the platform and company-specific boxes he had previously been defined by. "Figuring everything out and making that platform such a success quite frankly contributed to me being more comfortable with getting on to the rest of my career," he said. Since April, he's been pursuing other interests.

"I really see myself more in a free agent role and really trying to branch out and smell the fresh air of being able to be platform agnostic and not just dedicated to console gaming," Tretton said. "I've really been spending more of my time during the last couple months looking into mobile gaming and other forms of entertainment that I haven't had the time or ability to focus on."

Last Wednesday, it was announced that Tretton had joined the advisory board for a startup company called Genotaur, which researches artificial intelligence and human-computer interfaces.

[Image: Sony]