Wallpaper lets your friends borrow e-books from real-world shelves

As convenient as e-books may be, lending them to friends is a headache; copyright woes notwithstanding, it's simply hard to show what you have on offer. Vodafone Romania just made things a bit easier, though. Its new Digital Library Wallpaper gives you real-world (if very flat) bookshelves to showcase your digital wares. As the library owner, you order a custom adhesive wallpaper that reflects the free e-books you've chosen at Vodafone's website. Once the print is on display, visitors to your home just have to scan QR codes to borrow titles and start reading.

While the concept is clever, it's easy to see the limitations. Besides being restricted only to the content that Vodafone offers, your library's physical manifestation can't change. If you add a few items that you just have to put on display, you'll need to order a new print. Even so, it's easy to see the appeal of Vodafone's wallpaper. You can share your love of books without consuming valuable floor space -- or worrying that friends will "forget" to return a favorite page-turner.