KitKat is now on nearly 14 percent of Android devices

You know how Apple was keen to point out that only 9 percent of Android users (technically, 8.5 percent) were running KitKat in May? Well, that figure's now out of date. Google has published fresh usage stats which show that 13.6 percent of Android owners are using KitKat as of early June. That's still far from a majority, but it represents a 60 percent jump in a single month. It's not hard to see why the newer OS would be making such big strides. Major new phones like the HTC One and Galaxy S5 have had more time on the market, and KitKat upgrades are still making their way to older gadgets.

While the data will no doubt be welcome to Google, it also shows that quite a few people are hanging on to ancient devices. Jelly Bean still has the lion's share at 58.4 percent (down from 60.8), while 28 percent are using Ice Cream Sandwich and older (a dip from 30.7 percent). These aging platforms are bound to fade away, but that may take some time -- many pre-Jelly Bean phones are budget models sold in developing markets like China and India, where it's not as easy to upgrade to the latest and greatest hardware.

Android usage share in June 2014