Asia's biggest tech show is ASUS' show

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Mat Smith
June 5th, 2014
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Asia's biggest tech show is ASUS' show

While covering Computex 2014 this year, we saw ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih take to the stage no less than three times. Granted, two were to showcase his company's seemingly limitless product launches, but he also snuck on stage at Intel's keynote -- arguably the only other company that makes an impact at the Taipei trade show. ASUS is a Taiwanese company and when Shih appears, several lines of journalists pop up (as do their flashes), and the light show pretty much continues until he leaves -- the home crowd likes him. It also helps that the chairman comes across as super enthused whenever he talks up the products -- we can recall a particularly cheerful "ubiquitous cloud computing" exclamation at last year's showcase.

There's also the fact that ASUS exceeds even Samsung when it comes to producing previously unseen form factors. From phone tablets to tablet phones to hybrids and, this year, a "five-in-one" PC with a built-in smartphone. After a relentless flurry of announcements, journalists, analysts and bloggers are then unleashed into smallish demo areas, where, if you're lucky, there are two of the new, flashy devices to share around a room of hundreds. Apple events might carry a higher degree of pressure, but the chaos of an ASUS press launch at Computex remains... unique. Here's how ASUS made this Taipei tech event its own.

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