Notch launches Cliffhorse, a game about horses on cliffs

Markus "Notch" Persson's first commercial release since the mega-super-ultra hit Minecraft is a game about horses on a hillside. That makes sense.

Cliffhorse puts players in control of a horse in the grassy, hilly wilderness, and it's available to download for Windows right here. The whole idea is silly, as represented by Notch's tweets introducing the game and website (read those tweets below).

If you're feeling generous, you can donate some Dogecoins to the project, but the "early access" download of the game is free. Notch says Cliffhorse has earned more than 280,000 Dogecoins, or $100.

If these horses hang off the sides of cliffs, are they then Cliff-horse-hangers? We think so. We. Think. So.

[Image: Notch]