Housemarque grabs and chucks new DLC at Resogun this month

A new Heroes expansion adds two modes to frenetic shoot-em-up Resogun, and the $5 content is due for the PS4 game on June 24. In addition, dev Housemarque is patching in a ship editor and local co-op for all players, and that lands the day before on June 23.

Housemarque's Mikael Haveri said the day/night cycle will stand out in the new Survival mode, while Demolition lives up to its name by adding a wrecking ball weapon to its chaos, along with pinball-esque power-ups like multiball. Heroes won't be the only DLC coming to Resogun, with Housemarque promising more modes and the original soundtrack in future content. If you want in on all of that, a new season pass will be available for $8.