Logitech's universal remotes can now control your Sonos speakers

If you like to simplify your home theater with universal remotes, there's a good chance that you also like multi-room audio systems. Wouldn't it be swell if you could combine the two? As of today, it's easy. Logitech has posted updates for both higher-end Harmony remotes (the Smart Control and Ultimate) and its Harmony mobile app that let you control Sonos audio systems. All of the remotes can handle at least basic playback duties, while both the app and Ultimate also provide quick access to your favorite Sonos playlists and stations. They can steer Philips' Hue lights, too -- just in case you need to set the mood for a movie.

The Harmony app is getting one additional trick. It's now possible to bring up a search field on set-top boxes like Amazon's Fire TV and simply type in (or speak, if you use voice dictation) what you're looking for. This last feature is slightly redundant given that some media hubs already have their own remote software, but it might pay dividends if you're tired of switching apps just because you've moved to a different living room device.