Spotify now handles multi-room streaming on Samsung devices

If you've decided to invest in Samsung's wireless audio multiroom system instead of similar offerings from the likes of Sonos, there's good news: it now supports Spotify's Connect system. If you'll recall, that'll allow you to stream music on your Samsung speakers directly from the Spotify app on your tablet or handset, in a similar way to Chromecast. In addition, Samsung claims it's the first to offer Spotify streaming to multiple wireless speakers at the same using its wireless audio multiroom system. To do so, you'll need Samsung speakers like the M5 or M7 (with or without its WAM250 streaming hub), but you can also hook in certain Samsung soundbars, TVs and home entertainment systems. If your phone has NFC, you'll be able to tap your wireless speakers to add them to Spotify. You can now give it a shot, if you've got a compatible Samsung speaker -- all you'll need is a downloadable app from Samsung and a subscription to Spotify's premium service.