OnePlus One gets delayed over 'security issues'

OnePlus One equals more than the number of units of this $300 smartphone that have so far been shipped to paying customers. The high-spec, low-cost Android handset was meant to launch back in May, but the manufacturer has now admitted that it's "perfecting some final issues," which means it can no longer be certain when the phone will be ready. In terms of what these problems are, some helpful clarification has been posted to Reddit by OnePlus's software partner, Cyanogen.

Abhisek Devkota (aka Ciwrl) says that it's all to do with the security vulnerabilities that were recently discovered lurking in the OpenSSL software tool (yes, that's the very same OpenSSL package that was also at the center of the Heartbleed scare). These flaws were only made public on June 5th, and they led to a decision to pause shipping of the OnePlus One in order to create and re-certify a new, hopefully better-protected software build. If the problem runs no deeper than that, it sounds like this could be resolved soon -- which would be good, because pretty much the only thing we could find wrong with this phone in our full review was its limited availability.