Pinterest reaches Windows Phone, with some caveats

Pinterest beta for Windows Phone

Microsoft has made some giant strides in getting big social networks to hop aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon, but Pinterest has long been a no-show. Today, though, that changes: Pinterest has at last released an official beta app for its collection-themed service. You can do most anything you'd do on the company's mobile website, whether it's planning for a car restoration or making an itinerary for your next trip.

With that said, it's not an ideal Pinterest experience... at least, not yet. The company tells us that the beta is a shortcut to its mobile web client with a few Windows Phone-native features thrown in. This won't be as tightly integrated with the platform as the Android or iOS versions, then. But hey, it's a start -- and Pinterest is looking for feedback, so you can let it know if you need more powerful tools for pinning your favorite things.