Split-screen multitasking on an iPad could work like this

In the run-up to the reveal of iOS 8, there was a frission of eager rumors that Apple could add split-screen multitasking to the iPad, but then... nothing. Well, the good news is that code referring to it has been found nestled inside Apple's incoming mobile OS upgrade, although we can't regard this as confirmation that it'll ever launch on iOS 8. More hopefully, however, Steve Troughton-Smith has gone as far as to tinker with the iOS 8 iPad Simulator to enable (at least partially) said split-screen skills, with a two-finger swipe to the side. The Safari web browser, at least in this test, can be swiped to take up specific quadrants of the screen, down to 75 and 50 percent, while at 25-percent size the browser looks awfully similar to the iPhone iteration -- which, well, makes a lot of sense.

We're yet to see the simulator run two apps (more?) concurrently, and given that Apple didn't announce this Surface-baiting feature at WWDC a few weeks ago, could it simply be a curio that will never surface, or perhaps something that the company aims to fold into iOS 8.1? (Spoilers: there will probably be an iOS 8.1.)